Transformation Programs

From: $10.00 / week for 16 weeks


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Plan Includes:

  • Four-Phase Meal Plan – Changes every 4 weeks including carb cycling and manipulation for max results
  • Comes with food substitution options for each meal
  • Two-Phase Adaptive Workout Routine (Exercises, Sets, Reps) – Workouts change at week 8 to keep your body guessing and progressing
  • Supplement Guide
  • Ab Routine
  • Free DamenG fit app download that shows all exercises performed by ME in high definition video with step by step instructions

Program you receive is based on a post purchase survey that determines your goals.

  • Shred/Lose fat
  • Tone
  • Build Muscle Mass
  • Lean Bulk
  • Women’s booty / tone/ sculpt

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