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Mike’s Story

I have reached my last week of the plan and I couldn’t be more happier with the results. I dropped down from 176lbs to 158lbs I more than reached my goal weight. Went from waist size 36 to 30. I also dropped to 12% body fat from 17% which I never thought was possible. I have more definition than ever before and I’m starting to see my abs come in. The best feeling is having to buy new clothes because they’re all too big for me :). Thanks again these are my before and after.

Morgan Wear (@missmorgandanielle)

I started with Damen’s 16 week program and saw great results.  But decided I wanted to take my body a step further and do competitions. That’s when I got on his EXTREME online coaching and with his amazing coaching I have now competed at the  national bikini competition in Vegas and got 2nd place !  He helped change my entire body and health for the better!

Tyler Scott (@tylerscottpasiuk)

Before I started my program with Damen I was 230lbs with 25-30% body fat and not happy with my self. I knew I had to do something and change my ways

So I started damen’s 16 week carb cycling program to lose body fat and build some lean muscle and that I did, with his help and amazing coaching. By the end of his custom 16week program he set up for me I lost a total of 30lbs and about 15% body fat, but then I wanted to gain even more muscle so I signed up for another 16 week program but this time I told him I wanted to bulk up. Right now I am 212 pounds arms went from 15 inches to 18 inches waist went from 36 to a 32 I am so thankful I found out about damen’s program he is an awesome coach and we have become great friends

Blake Horton (@blakehorton12)

I started Damen’s program at 230 pounds and 19% body fat. I wanted to significantly increase lean muscle mass while burning off fat! By the end of the first program I was down to 14% and by the end of the second, I only have 10% body fat ! All just from following the custom program that Damen set up for me, I was able to CUT MY BODYFAT IN HALF! and build lean muscle!

Regan Taylor (@regan_taylor_)

My sophomore year of college I finally came to realize that the feelings of unhappiness I had about my body for the last year or so were totally in my control, so I decided to make a change. A friend of mine told me about Damen’s programs and I had nothing to lose, so I started his 12 week beginner program January 2015. His meals and workouts contained exact directions and were easy to follow and the weekly check ins with him held me accountable. I started at 163 pounds and with the tools Damen has given me I was able to get down to 138 pounds.  I am stronger than I have ever been and feel the healthiest I have ever felt!


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