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Benefits of Training with Kettlebells

If you’re not feeling ordinary cardio, but aren’t up for hitting the weights either, there’s a perfect solution. The benefits of training with kettlebells can give you a distinct advantage over athletes who don’t use them.

What are the benefits of kettlebell training? Below, we’ll provide plenty of reasons as to why you should incorporate these mobile weights into your regimen.

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Kettlebell Training Combines Strength and Cardio Work

The optimal way to achieve fat loss is to combine cardiovascular workouts with strength training. Kettlebell exercises are ballistic and require strict form for maximum effect and to avoid injury. This process will get your heart pumping while also pushing different muscle groups.

One of the unique ways that kettlebell workouts can do this is by forcing your body to deal with a changing center of gravity. You don’t want to go too light or too heavy with your kettlebell. The right amount of weight will force you to exhibit strong control over different muscle groups to deal with the moving weight.

Your muscles will constantly be contracting in an effort to stabilize, and your grip strength will improve as well.

Kettlebells Increase Your Power Output

Most kettlebell exercises must be performed with precise, deliberate force. Because of the changing center of gravity, poor form or using a weight that’s too heavy can very easily cause injury if you can’t quickly stabilize. Whether you’re performing a clean and jerk or a kettlebell swing, you must commit to the movement.

Over time, this builds up your endurance and ability to exert large amounts of force quickly. This explosive power output is ideal for sports and other laborious activities which may require you to perform work at a moment’s notice.

Your Respiratory Endurance Will Improve

Regular strength training focuses on controlled sets of an exercise without so much of the cardio components. Kettlebell workouts push your heart rate while also demanding more work from your body than just jogging or using your body weight. Over time, you’ll build strength and be able to perform a greater level of activity without rest.

One Kettlebell Can Provide Full Body Workouts

Kettlebells come in a variety of sizes and can be used to perform exercises for the entire body. Kettlebell swings can build core, glute, and leg strength. You can perform arm swings, clean and jerks, presses, and more for your upper body. You can perform goblet squats to give yourself a bit more resistance when training the legs.

Kettlebells are highly versatile and mobile, so you can give yourself a full workout anywhere you happen to be. You’ll always have access to an effective workout with kettlebells.

Improved Posture and Stability

The most common reason for poor posture is weak muscles in the posterior chain. Signs of this are shoulders rolled forward, slouched back, head down, and so on. What’s likely happening is poor muscle strength in the shoulders, back, and core.

Kettlebells forces the body to utilize a variety of muscles in order to remain stabilized during a workout. Over time, this will increase strength in those weak, problem areas. This, in turn, will yield an improvement in the body’s natural posture. You’ll lose weight, get stronger, and stand tall with pride over the hard work you’ve done to get there.

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