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The Major Health Benefits of Weightlifting

Weightlifting can too often be associated with negative traits that give people the wrong idea. You might commonly hear individuals say, “I don’t want to get too big,” or accuse weightlifters of being harsh or big-headed. The truth of the matter is that exercising with weights comes with incredible health benefits that you cannot replicate elsewhere. Consider some of these effects before you make another excuse to ignore the iron.

Man weightlifting for health benefits

Boosts to Metabolism and Fat Loss

Many people tend to think cardiovascular exercise pertains to weight loss, and lifting is just about increasing size. Fat loss is one of the most common goals when it comes to fitness, and ignoring the weights causes you to miss out. Resistance training creates a muscle burn that lasts for far longer than a typical session of cardio, which leads to a higher metabolic rate. Increased muscle size overall will also lead to a higher basal metabolic rate, meaning you burn your body will burn more calories naturally.

It Improves Everyday Activity

The strength you are building through resistance training doesn’t just apply in the gym. Regular lifting while using proper form and technique will see an overall increase in body strength, which makes everyday tasks easier while protecting vital areas such as your core. You will find that you have the power to work harder and for more extended periods in your daily life. You will face far less risk of joint injuries and falling caused by poor balance.

Increased Bone Strength and Density

We often don’t consider the vital role our bones play in keeping our bodies stable and healthy. As we grow older, our bone density naturally decreases. Training with heavy weights and adapting to higher levels of force encourages the body, including the bones, to adjust accordingly. Your body will seek reasons to grow strong to survive. You have to be the one to supply them.

It Makes You Stronger Mentally as Well

Pushing your body with resistance training can often trigger a rush of endorphins throughout the body, which are hormones commonly referred to as “feel-good” chemicals. Additionally, a study by the Harvard Medical School proposed that the ability to overcome controlled obstacles, such as finishing a hard set of weighted squats, can lead to feelings of accomplishment and improved mental resiliency. 

Other Medical Benefits

Engaging in regular strength training will inevitably lead to an increase in lean muscle mass, which helps combat against visceral fat. Visceral fat exists in the abdominal area near vital organs, and an excess of it comes with possible cancer risks. Resistance training can also alleviate symptoms of Diabetes or eliminate the risk by providing the body with a way to utilize additional glucose and calories during and after the exercise.

Weightlifting benefits occur by training anywhere from 2-4 days a week on average, depending on your exercise and medical history. Depending on your experience and goals, an ideal workout should only take roughly thirty minutes out of your day. Lifting also doesn’t necessarily mean power-lifting or tremendous amounts of weights that can scare off beginners. Placing the muscles under tension beyond what they are used to can trigger immediately noticeable effects on the way you feel. Even if you don’t have access to a gym or weights, household items, or even bodyweight exercises can suffice as you grow in strength and improve your abilities. 

Damen Griffith can assist you in starting your fitness journey to a better, healthier you. With a qualified personal trainer, you can establish a strength-training regimen that’s right for your needs and your capability. Reach out today to find out more information. 

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An Inside Look into Fitness Coaching and Mentorship

Coaching Isn’t for Everyone

Mastering any craft takes time and dedication to what you’re passionate about, and that includes fitness coaching. We live in a time where meeting with a personal trainer for face to face interaction isn’t as vital. Going to the gym or having home visits isn’t as much of a necessity anymore.

With apps, videos, and smartphone interaction, there’s a whole world of opportunity out there. For those who are just starting and need a little push or the fitness junkie, getting your hands on the next best thing is easier than ever.

Practicing What You Preach

Whether online or not, fitness coaches are going to be critiqued for how they look. It may not be fair by any means, but the fact is that the people that are going to be seeking your help are going to look and see if you can back up what you say.

It may not be enough to tell them what they need to do for their fitness goals if you cannot practice that yourself. Nothing is more impressive to a potential client than seeing their coach is living what they teach, and their returning clients have had incredible transformations.

It takes more than charisma and optimism to help train potential clients, so make sure that you’re not just talking the talk.

What Clients Need to Know

There Is More to It Than the Gym

You may not realize this, but the majority of your goals are going to be accomplished by applying yourself in the kitchen, rather than the gym. The reality of it is this – you can’t out-exercise poor eating habits.

Without the right meal preparation in place for your daily life, you are never going to see the long-lasting results you want. It behooves me to dedicate more time to understanding the inner workings of diet rather than incorporate more gym time.

Start Small and Work Your Way Up

Maybe quitting an unhealthy lifestyle cold turkey will work for you in the beginning, but the fact is that kicking those habits aren’t done overnight. Don’t overwork yourself by thinking you need to meal prep, wake up super early, construct protein shakes, and drink a gallon of water right off the bat.

At first, that may work for you, but if you don’t already incorporate any of that into your everyday routine, it’s not going to stick long-term. The truth is, if you start with manageable permanent changes, you will develop even better ones that will be solidified in no time at all.

Listen to what your body is telling you!

Tips and Tricks with Weight Training

If you only schedule cardio all of the time, you’re going to lose muscle; there’s just no denying it. Although cardio training is essential for heart muscle strength, reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, etc., you need more. Without weight training to accompany it, your body is going to experience a vast muscle deficit.

At least 2 to 3 days of your fitness schedule each week should include weight training to maintain your muscle as you continue cardio. An experienced fitness mentor that knows what she or he is doing would recommend a healthy mix of weight training into your daily routine.

It will still help you achieve your personal goals; you may need to make a few adjustments to maximize the outcome. 

Damen G Fit

Fitness mentorship isn’t for everyone; you have to look inside of yourself and determine whether or not you’re able to inspire a client to achieve their goals. Being a mentor to grown adults isn’t about making them look incredible; it’s about helping them feel incredible and stay healthy.

The best part about signing up with the 1-on-1 coaching program is that you won’t have to give up any of the foods you love along the way to getting the body you want. You’ll have unlimited access to me and everything I know to start living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Download my virtual trainer app to start receiving tips and tricks to dieting, exercising, and improving your overall quality of life using my programs.