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5 Tips for Staying Fit on the Road

man jumping rope using these 5 tips for staying fit on the road

Do you find yourself struggling to maintain a fitness regimen due to frequent travel demands? Do you need help finding exercise routines or alternative solutions to fight off unnecessary weight gain? The answers are much more straightforward than you would expect and mostly require a bit of commitment and willpower to work up a sweat when you’re’ out of your element. Check out these five tips that everyone should follow to help them keep the body engaged while away from home.

1. Use the Hotel Gym or Pool

While hotel gyms are generally bare bones, having some workout space is better than none. These rooms will typically have treadmills and ellipticals so that you can get a quick cardio workout. Whenever possible, you should scout out hotels that have a gym outfitted with dumbbells so that you can easily keep all of your different muscle groups engaged. Also, take some quick laps around the pool instead of just relaxing. Swimming with a focused intensity can not only be a great cardiovascular workout, but it avoids unneeded stress on the joints. 

2. Explore Your Area While Running or Biking

If there’s a sidewalk, then there’s a place to go running. Get out and explore new areas. Running is a great way to get your blood pumping and lungs working. You earn additional points if you can find regions nearby with hilly terrain. Experiment with high-intensity interval training by sprinting for 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of jogging to help you catch your breath. 

3. Pack a Jump Rope and Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great tool to use if you’re looking to get the muscles engaged. You may not be able to find a spot to get your regular weightlifting in, but resistance bands will get the blood flowing to the muscles and keep them active. Additionally, jump ropes are incredible yet straightforward tools that will give you an intense cardio workout. Both are light and easy alternatives to pack with your luggage. 

4. Look for Affordable Drop-in Gyms

With technology, it’s easier than ever to scan the areas for local gyms. Check out if they accommodate drop-in visits for a reasonable price. Many gyms are happy to make a quick buck off of frequent travelers and will happily allow you to make use of the facilities. If you already have a gym membership at a chain brand, see if it will enable you to make temporary use of other locations.

5. Get Creative 

When all else fails, all you need for a solid workout is your own body weight. Calisthenic exercises can build and maintain body strength, endurance, and flexibility with no weights or equipment required. Examples of some activities include pushups, sit-ups, crunches, squats, burpees, lunges, and more. You can even make creative use of the furniture, such as doing tricep dips with a chair or inverted rows by hanging from the underside of a desk. If you have a body and know how to move it, you can get a workout. 

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