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Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

In one of our previous posts, we provided an overview to the incredible health benefits that come with regular weightlifting exercises. To get the most out of your health and fitness regimen, you’ll also want to add cardiovascular workouts as well. 

man and woman jumping rope to reap benefits of cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is defined as any exercise that causes your heart rate to rise to an elevated state. Cardio increases blood flow as the body works harder to carry oxygen to the muscles engaged in the activity. It also gets a bad reputation as it’s demanding, makes you sweat, and wears you out fast.

Nevertheless, cardio exercises are an integral and necessary part of any fitness regimen as well as maintaining overall health. Let’s break down the various benefits of cardiovascular exercise and how it can improve your mind and body.

Improved Cardiovascular Systems

Working the cardiovascular system increases its strength and ability. The heart, for example, is a muscle that will grow stronger with use just like any other. It also will increase your lung capacity and encourage arteries and blood vessels to carry more oxygen throughout the body. Just like lifting weights, as your cardiovascular system grows stronger, you’ll be able to engage in more demanding exercise and continue to see increased results.

Lose Weight – Get Shredded

When used in tandem with a great strength-training program, cardio exercise can aid in burning off extra calories as more fuel tends to burn in activities that make your heart pump continuously. The benefits can increase even further when you engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which creates an anaerobic effect on the body. However, don’t buy into the myth that cardio is solely responsible for weight loss. Combine the benefits of weightlifting with the impact of cardio to see maximum results and earn a shredded physique.

Helps Improve Mood & Fight Depression

You may have heard of something called “runner’s high.” It turns out that this is a real phenomenon that is caused by an explosion of endorphins released as a response to the discomfort and increased physical demand placed on the body. These endorphins serve to interact with receptors in our brains and reduce the sensation of pain. It also sparks the growth of nerve cells, which leads to improved brain activity and, ultimately, feeling healthier and happier.

Fight Off Disease

Cardiovascular is proven to ward off a variety of potential health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. As long as the activity is weight-bearing, it can also fight off osteoporosis. Regular cardio activity will keep blood pressure levels low and control blood sugar levels. Certain activities such as something simple as powerwalking can maintain bone strength. 

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re new to exercise or have not engaged in a regular activity that increases heart rate, you will want to start slowly. With my online coaching, I can create a workout program that entails cardiovascular and weightlifting exercises that are right for your skill level. As a dedicated personal training coach, I will provide exercise tips, nutritional information, and all of the knowledge you need to stay safe and get healthy. 

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